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What’s In Store for Content Marketing in 2013?

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What’s In Store for Content Marketing in 2013? was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips.

The Content Marketing Institute last week released 2013 predictions, where more than 80 marketers (including yours truly) weighed in on where the discipline was going in 2013.

Some predictions we heard over and over again:

  • Journalists will have a new home in the corporate or agency environment.
  • Visual content ramps up in the form of video and graphics.
  • Creating content for mobile is key, along with other multiscreen options.

My take on the emerging themes from the survey:

  • Great business content that’s on par with big publishers will be key.
  • The way we want to receive information is changing from the device (mobile) to the medium (visual) to the delivery (concise).

Here’s the report on SlideShare. Scroll down for hand-picked predictions plus my take on them.

Journalists Predicted to Be Big Players in Content Marketing

We heard a lot of predictions in the CMI report about the demand for journalists, and how they will now have a home in the corporate or agency environment due to the brand publishing explosion.

Sarah Mitchell Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

If the predictions are true, businesses will be putting a high value on writers – trained writers – and especially those that can use objective writing as in journalism, as well as investigate the company to find the stories and then go tell them.

I loved Paul Conley’s take on the future of brand journalism, and I think it’s a highly likely scenario:

Paul Conley Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

And while the journalist skill set in a company’s marketing and publishing department is a fantastic addition, it doesn’t necessarily mean a successful content marketing department.

Businesses should turn to journalist skill sets as a viable options for well-written content and storytelling, but those journalists may not have the digital marketing strategy to execute content marketing on a full scale.

Which is why I see it a little differently than Jason’s comment below:

Jason Falls Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013


My prediction is that businesses will need a healthy mix of skills sets on the content marketing team – publishing, journalism, editing, analytics, SEO, social media, writing, user experience, design and videography, and other Web marketing disciplines.

In fact, here’s my prediction from the CMI report:

Jessica Lee Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

At the helm of all those skill sets I mentioned previously should be someone who understands how all the moving parts fit together within a healthy digital marketing campaign; someone who can speak to the strategy and make sense of all the data to balance the content production with the business goals and audience.

This is similar to what Nicholas Kinports is saying:

Nicholas Kinports Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

I particularly loved the following prediction because in order to be successful, businesses need to define what content marketing means before they go after it:

Justin Lambert Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

How We Create Content Is Predicted to Change

Several marketers predicted the way people wish to receive and produce content is changing and will continue to do so. Many statements had to do with the rise of video production and visuals, as well as more sophisticated execution of those types of content.

So just as journalists will be in demand, I say graphic designers and videographers will continue to have a home as the need for visual storytelling becomes more and more important.

Then there’s the rise of mobile consumption of content. Many predictions talked about the devices people will use to consume content, which means content needs to be responsive for multiscreen use.

Ian Lurie Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

Tom Bishop Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

And on top of it all, you have waning attention spans. One of my favorite predictions by Roger Parker was on simplifying the message:

Sarah Mitchell Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

I also agreed with the predictions on Slideshare being a driver of content consumption. Think about it: Why wait until you have a presentation that you’ve unveiled to an audience? Any topic you have in your head can fleshed out in a PowerPoint, and the succinct nature caters to thin attention spans. Could slide decks be the new blog post?

In a prediction by David Dunworth, he talks about visuals trumping the written word as a form of learning. I would add to that comment by saying that I believe we are going to have to take into account various personas and learning styles to cater the content deliverable (words, visuals, video) we present on the same topic.

David Dunworth Prediction for Content Marketing in 2013

All of this is to say that the way we think about creating our content will need to change, from the way our text is laid out, to the type of content we create and the way content is written and delivered, where simplicity, entertainment, ease of use and engagement could trump in-depth, how-to content for the purposes of authoritative content.

Does this mean that the entertainment factor will trump thought leadership in our content production? I guess we’ll find out …

What’s your prediction for content in 2013? Weigh in in the comments below!

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SEW Weekly: LinkedIn Shares B2B Social Ads Tips

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Bing Social Sidebar Gets a Makeover

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Following the new update to Snapshots, Bing cleaned up their social sidebar today. The background has been switched from dark grey to white and the “hover cards” have disappeared – making the whole page look more uniform and less segmented.
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Keyword Analysis for SEO

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As we know, the internet has made it possible for businesses to profit immensely by reaching a global audience. This is precisely the reason why every company/business organization has its own website which is built in an appropriate fashion to target their potential customer base. There is so much competition in the business world that every entrepreneur wants to be different than the other in one or more aspect. Website development is one such aspect which gives a business owner the opportunity to impact & influence online visitors in order to convert them into potential customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most crucial requirements for every website that is built to have commercial success. SEO is the best way to reach out to your potential customers without having to wait for them to come to you. This particular technique makes extensive use of popular search engines like Yahoo and Google for product marketing and traffic building. Keywords are a vital requirement of every website & an effective Search Engine tool that helps potential customers connect with sellers. Keywords analysis helps the merchant (website owner) reach his target audience by building a powerful website. Keyword analysis is the method of locating & examining the quality & quantity of special words that are used within a website content which makes it either easier or tougher for an internet user to locate through search engines. By using an accurate keyword analyzing tool, one can ensure that his/her website utilizes the most researched keywords that describes their products & services in the best possible manner on the internet. Expert Website developers & Webmasters are completely aware of the importance that keywords carry in increasing the chances of success in a business website. The right use of appropriate keywords is the most effective internet marketing tool of present times.

Important aspects of Keyword Analysis.

Every official website targets a couple of keywords that represents their business and describes it in the best possible way. In order to generate a positive outcome websites must use keywords that are simple, easy to remember & most frequently researched thereby being SEO & user friendly.

Keyword analysis ensures that that there is no keyword stuffing within each webpage but is distributed evenly throughout. If Search Engines notice the use of keywords in a suitable density within your webpage it might benefit the business in terms of experiencing a high percentage of online traffic to the website.

It also allows the target audience in locating your website for accessing your products service which in-turn proves to be profitable for the business in the long run.

There are many keyword analysis software like Word-tracker, Google ad words & many more which are not only cost efficient but also extremely effective marketing tools for improving a website’s efficiency by providing the most comprehensive results for keyword research.

Keyword analysis provides crucial information for tagging articles, blog-posts and additional piece of writings that are submitted for promotional purposes on various public platforms.

Where SEO is at in 2012

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Each year brings with it lots of new surprises in terms of alterations, updates & improvements in the internet technology. SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are also rumored to experience quite a few changes in this year.

·    Social Media is expected to play a very important role for SEO in 2012. Google has already announced the fact that they consider websites that use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace etc. for posing links & videos to promote their websites.

·    Images & Video links as well as essential transcriptions for keyword purposes would carry a lot more weightage.

·    It is advised to steer clear of inadequate, weak & irrelevant web-links as they can decrease the overall weightage of your webpage on the internet. A number of SEO experts stress on including web-links of informative articles as being one of the most powerful tools for a higher Search Engine Ranking. It is also predicted that this year many SEO professionals are looking forward to experiment by associating their client’s WebPages with high-page rank links.

·    Hi-Tech gadgets have made the keyword search much more complex than it was earlier. With the advent of advanced versions of smart phones and android gadgets, it is now possible for people to use the unique feature of ‘Speak to Search’ on a number of cell phones. This is precisely the reason why keywords that are used within the content posted on a website have to be in the form of short phrases & up to the mark. SEO in 2012 is also expected to emphasize decreased volumes in keyword framing.

The most important SEO resolutions for the year 2012

Simple and Direct content has to be reflected on your webpage. No matter what product or service you are promoting through your website, it is important to ensure that the subject matter on each page is extremely informative to the reader & makes use of simple keywords that are frequently researched by most internet users.

Incorporate quality in-bound links and associate with practical/relevant outbound links. Doing so would not only increase the online visibility of your webpage but also enhance the ranking of your website on the net. Avoid using too many irrelevant inbound/outbound links as they can easily damage the reputation of your website. By associating your website through links with superior-quality & high ranked WebPages, you can easily retain a good ranking for a long time to come.

Keep your website user-friendly and stay accessible at all times. One of the main benefits of being a website which is recognized by most Search Engines is that it increases the popularity, web traffic and online visibility of your webpage. In order to maintain a constant connection with your customers it is crucial to ensure that your contact page is always updated with recent changes, if any. An efficient online accessibility will never let you lose important leads & make it easier to stay in touch with the buyers.

Be aware of changing SEO trends at all times. This will help you in renewing your SEO strategies from time to time for the betterment of your website. While doing so, always ensure to stick with quality content and ignore cheap tricks.

Crawl Test for SEO

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Crawl Test also known as a Spider Test is extremely useful for analyzing a website’s efficiency for Search Engine Optimization. This means that you can check if your website is equipped with sufficient levels of ‘crawl able’ or ‘browse able’ content after running it through a Crawl test. Webmasters often used these tests for analyzing the Search engine stimulation of the websites designed by them. The results of such tests provide them with relevant information about the ability & performance of websites for search engines as well as for internet users who conduct these searches. A spider check if undertaken from time to time allows webmasters to gauge & make necessary changes to a website design for advanced functioning & constructive SEO results. It is easy to access a number of spider check software & tools on the internet which can provide a vague idea about a website’s proficiency in terms of its content & adherence to SEO.

A crawl test for SEO specifically checks the text content, java script/flash presence, title efficiency, keyword density etc. and on the basis of its results decides to update its features if required. Professional webmasters have been using Crawl test tool for SEO since the time it was first launched & believe that it can be much more useful & effective if it includes the feature of providing keyword density for phrases that are used in every webpage. Let us take a look at a few important features that most Crawl Test tools offer: Most Crawl test software is easily accessible on the internet and are available free of cost. Therefore, one can check his/her website efficiency without incurring additional expenditure. Moreover, this test can be run in the simplest form which further allows even amateurs /non-professional website developers to obtain crucial information about their websites. In addition to analyzing the effectiveness of your website, a few Crawl test tools/software also offers comprehensive hints about several crucial SEO metrics. A Crawl test for SEO gauges the current keyword density & offers an approximate value.

They do not use captcha and allow user to run the software for more than once within specific time intervals. This helps a webmaster to gauge his/her website constantly & accordingly update it on the basis of the information that is gathered through this test.

It also grants users with additional SEO ideas & suggestion pertaining to Meta tags, text styles, fonts, http status code, primary keywords, internal links etc.

It helps in displaying the accessibility of the website to various Search Engines on the internet in addition to making the webmaster aware of the potential threats that the website may face due to inappropriate construction & designing.

A Crawl test for SEO also performs necessary checks on the website’s URL & inbound links (up to 50 links per test)

Since the time Crawl test for SEO was introduced in the market, its software has undergone 2 important changes:

First, it no longer makes use of API (Yahoo extraction term) while recovering significant keywords.

Second, the user is granted to perform only one crawl test per day that analyzes only 5 WebPages, whereas paid members can obtain several reports in a day and check up to 50 WebPages

Why We Prefer CPA Networks

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CPA (Cost per Action) Networks are advertising tools or affiliate marketing services which get paid only when their efforts to promote a product or service pays-off. Here, the advertiser does not have to physically sell the product but simply lead potential buyers to a relevant online platform where they can buy it. Each time a product/service receives a desired response from the consumer; the seller disburses its CPA advertising network a specific percentage of the revenue. CPA Networks are believed to be one of the most preferred advertising options as they charge you a fee only if they are able to sell your products & services. This means the manufacturer/seller doesn’t have to incur a huge expenditure on experimental marketing methods that do not guarantee returns. Most businesses end up paying advertising agencies more money than they earn, which often results in them having to bear constant losses. Cost per Action Networks allows a business to make necessary payments only when their exclusive marketing strategies demonstrate a positive outcome in the form of a sale.

In simple words, if a merchant hires the services of a CPA ad network, he/she would have to pay them whenever an internet user buys his goods after being influenced by the presentation of the product advertisement displayed on the webpage. This concept has managed to sway several businesses as it saves an enterprise from bearing a lot of unnecessary expenses related to marketing and product promotion. As compared to the Pay per Click strategy in which the seller pays the advertising company for each click regardless of the fact that this action might not necessarily result in a sale, the CPA advertising networks guarantees a purchase. A Business that invests in Pay per Click Advertising strategies basically takes a huge risk because of the simple fact that every person who clicks on its promotional banner may or may not end-up purchasing the services. This is precisely the reason why CPA networks are looked upon as extremely reliable & practical source of advertising for all kinds of big & small businesses.

This particular advertising technique has gained immense popularity especially in the current market & economy which is still recovering from the aftereffects of recession. It is not possible for every newly set up company to take monetary risks & incur massive advertising costs. Hence many enterprises are seen exploring the option of CPA advertising Networks which have successfully given then definite returns. CPA networks are arbitrators that establish a direct link between businesses & consumers by marketing the products & services of their clientele in the most genuine way. One can come across several CPA Advertising Networks on the internet that offers their services for a predetermined fee. Each company that offers this service has its exclusive rate. As compared to a variety of affiliate marketing techniques that have been used in the past Cost per Action can be truly termed as the most promising new method of generating income for merchants & traders across the globe.

Does incorporating videos in your SEO really make a difference?

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You search the web for that latest electronic gadget that caught your attention while window shopping the other day – and what pops’ up? Hey! Various images of the device and a video of a few buyers on what their feedback is on the gadget. Surely the possibility of potential sales (that is you buying it) does go up. With so many items on the web and the explosion of media based sites in the last 5 years in, video imaging has become an integral and imperative part of any SEO. Putting focus on delivering quality content for users, companies are now developing their own images and videos for better visibility. Including media into your content creation and distribution techniques does have many advantages, some of which include:

• You gain trust and better weight age from search engines by way of a better and stronger communication for users and improved rankings. They essentially captivate the user and become their one stop resource rather than clicking, surfing etc through information all the time.

• It helps you reduce the “bounce rate” on your website content since users would be more willing to glance through your media highlights. Websites with videos are generally given a higher priority by search engines in overall search results.

• Since videos are inherently interactive in nature and have a longer impact term, they create engagement which makes it easier for users to share, link or bookmark your videos, thus creating new audience in turn.

• Better images and videos while using SEO could also result in possible conversions by way of better organic traffic. Data such as tags, titles and descriptions associated with your video would definitely enhance business for you. Research shows that 85% of consumers would first like to review and compare products by checking images before looking to buy them, and find it much more convenient to go online, check out the latest media and blogs, and get a better idea of pricing etc.

• Incorporating videos into your SEO’s can also help us get back high quality backlinks as well. This in turn could really create a major difference when competing against top tier authority sites.

So, let’s go back to the same question – Does Incorporating videos into SEO really make a difference? With the rapid expanding power of social media and new trends in online business, it is important for all of us to allow our customers/ users to interact with our brand in such a manner that they remember it in their daily lives. What better way to do it than by using graphics such as videos into your SEO strategy? Many dynamic businesses are more often incorporating videos into their presence on the web. This has also emerged as one of the mediums of choice for user engagement extensively by creating brand awareness, increasing visibility and increase page views. This also provides them with business data such as how many people viewed the video, how did they find the video, what are their demographics, what made them interested in the video and made them watch it etc. There is also a more likelihood of users sharing videos more frequently or easily than static text messages. In short, we can safely say that incorporating videos into SEO is definitely a smart way to increase the possibility of people searching for keywords related to your business in today’s’ technological era, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser.

Importance of Historical Link Analysis

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Link Analysis is the process of closely monitoring those WebPages that are connected to your website by studying their promotional techniques that include banner ads, ‘Click’ tab or a link that directs the visitor to your website. This is one of the most vital techniques of assessing the worth & performance of a particular website. Link Analysis plays a very important role for websites to secure their position in Search Engine Rankings. Popular Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN obtain crucial information about genuine & high-quality pages related to specific subjects exclusively through Link Analysis. Link building is the process through which one builds internal links directed to one’s own website and the efficiency of this process is examined & ranked by Search Engines through Link Analysis.

People often confuse the technique of ‘Link Analysis’ to ‘Link Popularity’. It is important to understand the difference in which both these terms are calculated. Too many links within a website does not necessarily add to its popularity. Only high-quality links that are informative to the reader & explains a topic to the fullest can actually increase its reputation on the internet. This is a very effective online marketing strategy for big as well as small businesses all over the world to gain a considerable amount of visibility from maximum number of internet users, as most of them are expected to instantly click the provided link as soon as they learn about the company’s services and rest of the details provided. Therefore one has to realize the fact that Link Analysis does not take into account the quantity of links but in fact focuses on its quality.

Websites with no external links automatically lose their rankings and are therefore placed lower than their competitors. In addition to allowing websites obtain higher Search Engine Ranking, Link Analysis also works very well for Search Engine Optimization. On-site & Off-site quality links are studied carefully during SEO-audits through link analysis before reviewing a particular website. As a website owner, you can base your next marketing strategy after analyzing the popularity & worth of your website with this process. The result of Link Analysis not only increases the online visibility of your webpage but also helps the website owner utilize several unoptimized links. Associating with links that are not connected with your website in any way can only decrease your rankings on Search Engines. This is precisely the reason why Link Analysis is important in locating and bonding practical links to your website, thereby improving its reputation on the internet. Recognizing the importance of Link Analysis, these days one can perceive an influx of online companies that provide their services in terms of examining a website’s link profile in order to improve its overall weight-age on the internet. Every link that directs the visitor to your webpage holds a specific website ranking. This is why you must ensure to use only those links that carry superior quality ranking/weight which would consecutively benefit your website in the long-run.

Living as a “Webmaster” Through Monetizing: Using Adsense & Other Ad Networks

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Tired of everyday corporate life? Want to try something more flexible – Go for website monetizing and live life as a webmaster. Today there are thousands of such individuals who use Adsense and many other AD networks and methods like CPM, CPA & CPC Ads, direct selling etc. All such ways to monetize your site are readily available in the market today, Adsense being the most popular of them all. Since 2009 Google started this service of enabling multiple networks to display banner advertisements on websites. Since these ads are less intrusive and are relevant to the subject matter of the websites, Adsense is quite a popular tools used for monetization. So in case you have a small website with no resources to invest in a sales team or a sales program to sell your products, Adsense gives you a reliable option to generate advertising revenue through its targeted advertising system Ad words. Also, you can become a successful webmaster by using a few techniques such as increasing traffic by way of online and other advertising, using encouraging text content for visitors or attracting clickers onto ads placed by using valuable and relevant content. Google Adsense allows you as a publisher to serve automatic rich media content such as images, videos, text to target audiences and site content within their network of content sites. Maintained, sorted and administered from the back end, Google uses web search technology to serve these ads using visitors geographical location, website content, etc., and helps you generate revenue by way of either visitors clicking on them or simply viewing them.

A few other methods by which you could become a monetizing machine could be:

• Cost per click of CPC: You many at times hear of ads which allow you to make small pocket money by clicking on a particular link. This is exactly what CPC networks do. Usually these are text ads which can be published in blocks and each time a visitor clicks on the same, you get paid.

• Another easier way of monetizing your site is using CPM ads instead of CPC wherein you get paid based on the number of page visits your site has. Though much easier and effortless, CPM usually pays very less and is not at all encouraged by a lot of webmasters.

• Better still, go for CPA or click per action ads which are the real fat payers with big wallets. Visitors have to perform some action such a make a purchase, sign up for a service, or download a free trial for you get paid with a heavy commission for this affiliate program. A popular and most common example of this network is eBay. The only thing to keep in mind here is the fact that CPA takes a lot of effort from your side and there is always a risk of non conversion.

• Direct Ad sales is another way of monetizing your site in case you don’t not feel satisfied or confident with using the CPA, CPC or CPM networks. Try and find direct advertisers to sell your ad space and make profits. Sites such as Open ads Ad server and OIO Publisher Ad platforms are examples of such sites where you could try your monetization model.

• In a few cases where you have a popular site and have loyal customers, you could also think of selling your own products and merchandize instead of others. Try selling your goods as a supplementary business first and then try expanding it…who knows it might just work wonders for you!

So as explained above, there are many ways in which you can try your hand at monetizing. What is important to remember is that whether you use one, all or some of the above stated methods, the trick is to use them in a smart, sharp and relevant manner so as to create opportunities and not risk for one self while trying to monetize your site using Adsense or any other ad network.

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